Anime Review: Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu

Legend of the Legendary Heroes


The English translation of this throws me WAY off. When I wrote a rant about this show (link in spoiler section), I got the name wrong. It’s an odd name, and here’s why.

Usually, hero is eiyuu.

A “yuusha” can be thought of as a hero too but, the word brave is used a lot (like Indian braves, etc). So saying “heroes” in the English name just throws me further off. That and I could use an editor, but I’m on my own. Anyway!

For my end of fall 2010 anime season reviews, I will be using spoiler spaces very liberally, even when not actually dealing with actual spoilers. That’s fine – this is for people who want a retrospective where I say what was good and bad with honesty and robustness.

However, I will put some basic facts up front:

  • Genre: Sword & Sorcery/ Comedy/ Tragedy
  • Themes: Friendship/ Rebelling Against Destiny
  • Visuals: 10/10 (fantastic HD)
  • Characters: 10/10 (immense creativity)
  • OP/ ED/ Music: 9/10 (Ceui’s a great vocalist)
  • Plot: 6/10 (thorough, deep but morbidly depressing)
  • Entertainment: 9/10 (plot can’t keep it down)
  • Completeness: 1/10 (2nd season needed and VERY probable)
  • Satisfaction: 5/10 (Plot’s NOT done)

Overall: 8/10

The score comes down a couple of pegs for the depressing, incomplete plot. It comes down only a couple of pegs because these characters are fantastic, the production values are really impressive, and one of the knocks is simply that we need more of this so that we can see how it ends.

And now, the rest.


When all is said and done, I do recommend seeing this show. Not for the plot, which saddens me. But for the characters I really have taken to love and care for. I really hate the fact many of them get such a terribly rough ride, but it’s not over yet, in many senses.

The point is, the experience is there. There is a lot of art here, and it should be experienced, enjoyed and treasured for what it is. I trust that you, too, will be wanting to see more when all is said and done.

J Sensei

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