Anime Review: Heroman

So, Did It End Well?

Hell, Yeah.

I’ve been bullish on Heroman for some time. The only real question was if the final episode would live up to the high quality of show that this has become, managing to evade cliches like an agile point guard while delivering a very American feel to an anime show, running a strong 26 episodes.

I am happy to say that the ending did not disappoint: not in tone, gravitas, character development, victory, and triumph.

I’ll say a few words in spoilers below but, let me just say, it’s great, enjoy it, eps would be rated 9 or 10 pretty much throughout, and I strongly recommend it for general audiences (there’s no real gore at all aside from some aliens turned to goo in comic fashion, and it’s green goo so can’t be confused with blood at all).


This show has maintained high standards of animation quality, characters (and not cleanly subservient to cliche, which is important for freshness), and an overall sense of, it’s like comic book stuff, but we have not seen its exact ilk before. It’s very nice to see, and most importantly, you don’t feel guilty about cheering for the good guys. That’s an additional factor to me that makes this excellent entertainment and pure fun.

Rating: 10/10. I dare you to watch it and disagree.

J Sensei

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