One Good Thing From Madoka Magica

Exhibit A for “Moe”

After showing the Madoka Magica character Homura as a rather icy, hardcore combatant for most of the show, Episode 10 of the show revealed Homura to have had more humble origins as a clutzy, ditzy, glasses-wearing girl. A figure has been released that is extremely cute and can include this “moe” (“budding”) look. As defining moe (mo-ay) is concerned, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the show by the end, but this character, and this look, I can appreciate without any problem whatsoever. It won’t be the first example of “hate the show, love the character” that I’ve had. Actually, hate is too strong a word, but it rhymes with “hate the sin, love the sinner” so why not.

I’ll post one more picture but, feel free to check out the original site here. This is Amiami, a Japanese importer that my acquaintance Velocity7 uses to get his anime goodies. What you’ll see here has to do with otaku sub-culture, which I haven’t gotten into on this blog that much, but visuals are a good thing here.

And yes, Homura is a counter-cultural magical girl in terms of sporting modern weaponry along with a time-freeze trick. This figure just makes it look a lot cuter. No objections here. – J

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