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Hi, it’s been way too long and I know a lot of blogs that go into hibernation stay that way, but it’s finally time I did some writing here. I won’t dwell too much, but to make a long story really short, I came down with some health problems and only now, when I know I am doing extremely well on the recovery side but am not yet free to work in “the real world”, that I wanted to get back into blogging at all.

I mean, I don’t want to whine about life, and I won’t. I’m just fortunate my part is going to be OK, because a lot of other things are not certain. This includes my father’s fate, since he has the basically perfect donor match he needs for a stem cell bone marrow transplant he must have to get his rare marrow condition cured, which involves chemo-ing his existing marrow to death first and therefore carries the risk of infection and death. So, as he puts it, it’ll either cure him or kill him. His odds are as good as they’re going to get, but… who knows? I don’t, no one can.

In the meantime, his tool invention – patented in the US and trademarked in Canada, with the patent here pending without serious problems – still awaits its final form, with the final redesign being made into digital drawings and new physical prototypes being made. It’s the family’s best bet for the future whether he makes it or not… which is hard to say, but it’s true. Few inventions make it and few solve a real world need, well. Even so, the process is out of my hands, and while it looks like they’ll get things done before he gets his transplant (and in principle they have to be done, he is the inventor and needs to see this process through), I can’t make it go faster.

So, in the meantime I’ve been catching up on novel reading – I’ve just finished the book, 1st of its series, A Game of Thrones (source of the HBO series, which I have not seen yet) – and pursuing other interests. I’m certainly not just idling around; I’m helping my father when and where I can, but I’m a patient too. I’m better off than he is, but I know my limits.

What you’ll see here on this blog is more opinion. That is, I’ll be commenting when and where the mood strikes me. No one needs to hear me give opinions on much in the real world, which brings enough problems and follies, so I choose to apply myself mostly to things like anime and culture, like old times. Maybe sometimes a little language too, but as a curiosity.

The Japanese word fukkatsu (復活,ふっかつ) means revival, restoration, and so on. It combines “restore” with “living”. So, it’s kind of like bringing the blog back to life.

I just wanted to make sure at least some words were written about it before I just start up again. Most people will probably just see the anime/ culture/ life related articles from Google searches, and believe me that’s fine. See you in the blog posts ahead.

J Sensei

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