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Gundam 00 Movie Review, Spoilers Under Tags

Gundam 00 Movie: Awakening of the Trailblazer Spoilers Under Tags Below Non-spoiler review HERE. Now, the point of this review is not to spoil the plot. It is to write in detail about various things of interest to the Gundam … Continue reading

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Gundam 00 Movie, Non-Spoiler Review

No Spoilers Here Spoilers, under appropriate tags, will be included in a separate post. This post is spoiler-free so that I can link back to it for people who don’t want to know any of the plot.

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Japanese Cultural Principles: Gaman

Gaman (我慢、がまん) I saw this word being used as a cultural principle over at the Japan Times in an article about a modern production of the Tale of the Forty-Seven Ronin (known natively as the Chuushingura – “chuushin” (中心) means … Continue reading

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Japanese Culture: “Chick Flick” Anime

Like Romance Novels On A TV In American culture, a “chick flick” is a romance oriented movie that occurs from a woman’s perspective and is meant to play to a woman’s tastes. There is anime like this as well, and … Continue reading

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