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Remembering the Tsunami

Just a brief word. We have reached a year since the earthquake/ tsunami disaster that has afflicted Japan. The crisis is certainly not over for a good many people.  We in the West can mainly wish the best for the … Continue reading

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On Pacific Media Expo

I helped a friend who is attending Pacific Media Expo (“PMX”) in Los Angeles in her quest to connect manga and comic book culture from both East and West, and along the way, help the people affected by the 3/11 … Continue reading

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When Will Japanese Ministers Stop Insulting Disaster Victims?

そこまで! (That’s far enough!) Normally, I wouldn’t deign to be defending the Japanese people against their own government, but even I have my limits. Just how many elected ministers will go down in flames insulting their own disaster victims? This … Continue reading

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Welcome to “Together With Japan”

A New Beginning For a wide variety of reasons, I just feel that keeping this blog entirely about Japanese culture is played out. That is, I am not an encyclopedia; I am a person. I want to write about people … Continue reading

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The Resilience of the Japanese People

A Nation United by Disaster The March 11 (“3/11”) earthquake and tsunami disaster striking Japan has brought into sharp relief the basic resilience and sense of unity of the Japanese people. Whatever the faults of Japan, this is one of … Continue reading

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Origami for Quake and Tsunami Victims

A Goodwill Gesture Readers may recall my post on origami and how origami gained international exposure when a victim of the nuclear bombings of Japan set out to fold 1,000 for the sake of other victims before she perished. Here, … Continue reading

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Let Our Thoughts Be With Japan Today

There will be a time to place the tragedy of this tsunami in a historical context. Today is not that time. As reports of the damage come in, we can only pray that the death toll is not even greater … Continue reading

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