On Pacific Media Expo

I helped a friend who is attending Pacific Media Expo (“PMX”) in Los Angeles in her quest to connect manga and comic book culture from both East and West, and along the way, help the people affected by the 3/11 earthquake/ tsunami/ nuclear aftermath. If you bump into her, look at what she’s doing. It’s good work. – J

J Sensei

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2 Responses to On Pacific Media Expo

  1. Hi there,

    How did your friend get on at the Media Expo at the end of last year? Was her trip successful? Do you have any examples of her work?


  2. J Sensei J Sensei says:

    She had a good show, apparently. She’s working with other people trying to help Japan bounce back and do other good deeds, so she’s off in a good direction. I don’t get on Skype much anymore (too many requests to help people with English for free, life’s too crowded for that sadly) so I haven’t talked to her much, but apparently she’s doing well.