Signs of LIfe

Hi everyone. I’ve been on an extended hiatus from blogging for quite legitimate reasons, some of which I’ve posted about in the past. To quickly summarize where I am:

– My father survived a bone marrow transplant that kept him in the hospital for five months. He is about six weeks or so out of the hospital.

– I suffered a setback with my own foot problems, aggravated by the chaos surrounding my father’s return from the hospital, but I am doing VERY well at the moment. I get some antibiotics by IV, give my left foot a ton of rest every day, and I have relatively new, badly needed “offloading” footwear to keep the pressure off the parts that need to heal.

So, I’m doing a lot less “running around” so to speak. I’m fortunate my treatment doesn’t need to be more intensive and that I’m back on track and, thanks to the footwear, making big strides forward so I can put all my recent health problems behind me.

I just didn’t want to blog with too much negativity in the air. My father’s tests say he’s cancer-free, but it’s just taking a good long while for him to get his strength back. The rest is… not worth griping about. I’ve annoyed my closer friends with rants about this or that in the world over time, but I want to be more positive for the wider world.

Also, I’ve been doing a LOT more video gaming than anime watching of late so I haven’t had as much to say about Japan stuff for a while. Also some subjects are too depressing and controversial to contribute much about… and those are the ones that pop up in the Western media, usually.

Mostly it’s just a matter of time and energy. I’ll see what I can do as inspiration strikes.

Take care everyone.

J Sensei

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