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Japanese: Making Things Clear (Hakkiri)

はっきり So you want to spell things out in simple terms? To say it straight? To make things crystal clear? In Japanese, this is being hakkiri (はっきり) about it. There is no kanji for “hakkiri”; it is a native Japanese-ism … Continue reading

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Informal Japanese: Why It’s Important

Not Every Situation Is Formal One of the real, visceral failings of standard Japanese courses is that they only teach the formal versions of verbs in the classroom. Granted, this is good for academic situations, the conduct of professional business, … Continue reading

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Education Through Naruto: Yudan Taiteki

I decided to use something out of Naruto manga for educational purposes. I mean, why not? It may not be high literature, but it can be used to show little pieces of the Japanese language. Audio Version [audio:https://jp.learnoutlive.com/media/Naruto%20Yudan%20Taiteki.mp3]download mp3 油断大敵 … Continue reading

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Japanese Language: The Above Text

以上の文 Beyond the two uses of 以上 (ijou) mentioned in the previous post, there is an additional use very important to all aspirants to pass tests like the JLPT and so forth. In the headline above, 文 (bun) means sentences. … Continue reading

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Japanese Language: End of Message

以上 Many Japanese e-mails, letters, and so forth, end with the above kanji, read as ijou. This is used in the same way as many Americans would use EOM, standing for End of Message, indicating that there is no more … Continue reading

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Pattern and パターン

Did You Know… The Japanese word “pataan” (katakana: パターン) is 100% based on the English word pattern? Not all Japanese people (日本人、nihonjin) know this. After all, they know the word as part of their language, a loan word, one of … Continue reading

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Learning Through Lyrics: Part 6

Line Six 何度も伝えたい        君はひとりじゃない Translation I want to tell you over and over              you’re not alone Vocabulary & Grammar Notes Nando mo Japanese: なんども、何度も。 The first kanji is the “nan” as … Continue reading

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The Little Book of Japanese Animals

Open publication – Free publishing – More learning

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