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Mecha in Gaming: The Virgola / Setsuko Ohara

Not In An Anime Near You The Virgola is a fictional machine designed as a video game original for the crossover mecha game Super Robot Taisen Z (Super Robot Wars Z). By “original,” we mean that it does not appear … Continue reading

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Gaming: SRW Z 2 Gameplay Videos

More Videos The above is a gameplay video on YouTube showing the first stage of one of the potential main characters in Super Robot Taisen (“Super Robot Wars”) Z the 2nd, on PSP, sequel to SRW Z, on PS2. As … Continue reading

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Super Robot Wars Z the 2nd Promo Video

For The Mecha Crowd Oh and, definitely count me among the mecha crowd. I’ve played the predecessor of this PSP game exhaustively. Rather than babble about my experiences, those inclined to see a sampling of the various series and mecha … Continue reading

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Japanese Gaming: Super Robot Wars

A Storied Japanese Gaming Franchise Known as スーパーロボット大戦 or Super Robot Taisen in Japanese, this franchise goes back to rather ancient gaming times and continues haltingly into the modern era. What The Heck Is A Super Robot? For Americans and other … Continue reading

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