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Origami: Hearts

Have A Heart The heart is yet another type of origami design. As I explained in my original origami post, origami is the word we use for paper folding regardless of the culture the design is from. The heart is … Continue reading

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Origami: A Rose By Any Other Name

薔薇 (ばら、bara): Rose Well, an origami rose does not smell just as sweet… though with the scent-free environments dominating schools more and more, this might be a good thing? At any rate, this post is about pretty origami roses.

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Origami for Quake and Tsunami Victims

A Goodwill Gesture Readers may recall my post on origami and how origami gained international exposure when a victim of the nuclear bombings of Japan set out to fold 1,000 for the sake of other victims before she perished. Here, … Continue reading

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折り紙 The word “origami” is formed of the verb 折る (oru), in an infinitive form, and 紙 (kami), turned to “gami” as the second part of a compound word. I maintain that such pronunciation changes exist simply to make it … Continue reading

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