Origami for Quake and Tsunami Victims

A Goodwill Gesture

Readers may recall my post on origami and how origami gained international exposure when a victim of the nuclear bombings of Japan set out to fold 1,000 for the sake of other victims before she perished. Here, we have a Canadian 8 year old boy folding 1,000 for donations of $2 apiece to send a total of $2000 to Japan for victims of the earthquake and tsunami. (Story at link.)

Dartmouth has the same relationship to the capitol of my province of Nova Scotia as Yokohama has to Tokyo. The story references a tradition that 1,000 in a year will make a wish come true. I’m not sure if that started with the aforementioned nuclear weapon victim, but either way, it’s in Japanese (and world) culture now.

There’s a Facebook page for this, and this is for donations to the Canadian Red Cross for Japan. I include the links for completeness. I have no personal connection to either effort, but I wholly wish them well.

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2 Responses to Origami for Quake and Tsunami Victims

  1. Karen Snider says:

    Hi – My name is Karen and I work at the Canadian Red Cross. Thanks for sharing this information. We are also impressed by this Canadian boy and his goal to fold 1000 oragami. Hope you will connect with us on Twitter @redcrosscanada or Facebook.com/canadianredcross. Thank you, Karen

  2. J Sensei J Sensei says:

    Best of luck! I’m keeping up with news about the destruction and, once this nuclear reactor business calms down (which is thorny and may take time), there’ll be quite a long rebuilding process. It’ll take a lot of work from within and without. I just regret I don’t have any money to contribute to the effort, but if a post helps in any small way, great.