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Today’s Random Anime Lesson, Oct 31 2011

When a leading male arrives in an unfamiliar town and breaks up in laughter at seeing a house, commenting about how terrible it looks and what awful taste the owner must have, it is invariably the house of his leading … Continue reading

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Fun with Japanese Particles, with Audio

Because It’s Normally NOT Fun This is the audio for a Japanese lesson I put together as a free sample for someone. It’s meant to show off what I can do while providing some basic assistance that will benefit most … Continue reading

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Education Through Naruto: Yudan Taiteki

I decided to use something out of Naruto manga for educational purposes. I mean, why not? It may not be high literature, but it can be used to show little pieces of the Japanese language. Audio Version [audio:https://jp.learnoutlive.com/media/Naruto%20Yudan%20Taiteki.mp3]download mp3 油断大敵 … Continue reading

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Video Lesson: 10 Japanese Animals

Cute And Educational This is a 60 second video lesson with good looking animals and the Japanese names for them (along with the English, not because viewers are unintelligent, but because it may help provide an audio memory anchor for … Continue reading

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