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Jitsu vs. Jutsu: More Than A Shuriken’s Difference

実と術 (じつとじゅつ) The word jitsu stands for reality and truth, often as part of the word shinjitsu (objective truth, an intangible thing). The word jutsu stands mostly for technique, in the sense of an art, a method, or even a spell. The words majutsu (for … Continue reading

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Education Through Naruto: Yudan Taiteki

I decided to use something out of Naruto manga for educational purposes. I mean, why not? It may not be high literature, but it can be used to show little pieces of the Japanese language. Audio Version [audio:https://jp.learnoutlive.com/media/Naruto%20Yudan%20Taiteki.mp3]download mp3 油断大敵 … Continue reading

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Tokyo Game Show 2010 Footage

I used to know someone at DigInfo that put this video out. No Japanese to try to mentally translate. Just watch and enjoy. Games covered: The next fighting games in the Naruto and DBZ franchises, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, Ridge … Continue reading

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