Gundam 00 Movie Review, Spoilers Under Tags

Gundam 00 Movie:

Awakening of the Trailblazer

Spoilers Under Tags Below

Non-spoiler review HERE.

Now, the point of this review is not to spoil the plot. It is to write in detail about various things of interest to the Gundam community, especially details which are not explained within the four corners of the movie itself.

But, no discussion of these things without spoiler tags. So, let’s dive into the spoiler space, minna-san!


And Now, The Review

So for people who didn’t want to go through all those details, here’s my simple, spoiler-enhanced short version of a review. But, it too will be under spoilers. See the non-spoiler review for er, a non-spoiler review.


And that’s all for now. Comments welcome. Anyone reading this post has been repeatedly warned, so don’t bother worrying about spoilers in the comments.

Thanks. – J

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