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Anime Review: Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

  “Translating” a video game to anime is always risky business because the experience cannot but be different. In the first place, players with a given video game generally have a wide number of choices, or at least a few … Continue reading

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Why We Watch Anime, Part 3: Visual Art

Creativity + Visual Art While other nations have no lack of artists, it is Japan’s mix of creativity and visual art involved in the cel (celluloid) animation used for anime. While hard economic times and an improvement in technology have created … Continue reading

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Japanese Culture: “Chick Flick” Anime

Like Romance Novels On A TV In American culture, a “chick flick” is a romance oriented movie that occurs from a woman’s perspective and is meant to play to a woman’s tastes. There is anime like this as well, and … Continue reading

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