Auto Culture: Honda Goldwing 2012

A Short Demonstration

Once upon a time in my former career as a translator, I came across a company called DigInfo (as in, digital information) that regularly posts videos about cool things from Japan on YouTube. This is one example: a short video on a 2012 model Honda motorcycle called the Goldwing (ゴールドウイング).While some DigInfo videos are translated into English and English dubbed, the one I use here as a demonstration is not.

Now, if there’s one thing that can really said here, it’s simply this: the machine looks good. All the things that I’ve praised in the craftsmanship that goes into a genuine Japanese katana is reflected in the care and workmanship and aesthetic on display with this piece of machinery.

At any rate, I felt that some may simply wish to experience a minute and a half of Japanese commercial culture, even if they can’t understand a word of it. Anyone further interested should go right ahead and subscribe to the DigInfo channel on YouTube. I’m so busy that I don’t watch their videos enough but, you really get a sense of what boundaries are being pushed from Japan in machines, technology, and even gaming.

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