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When Japanese Corp Culture Goes Bad

A Sobering Report Those interested in Japan should take a good look at this story by Reuters, titled Special Report: The masterminds of the Olympus coverup. I’ll paste two key paragraphs here due to cultural importance, because this really shows … Continue reading

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J-Comi: Can It Overcome Growing Pains?

Some Unrequested Advice 日本語版は英語の後 (Japanese version below English) So, I was speaking to my Japanese culture interested friends about J-Comi. I had asked for an update if the site went up, and apparently it did. Also, it apparently has some … Continue reading

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Japan, Deflation and the New York Times

Let’s Get Serious Here. This is about the first of a series of articles in the New York Time; this article is titled Japan Goes From Dynamic to Disheartened. Essentially, the New York Times (hereafter: NYT) is making Japan out … Continue reading

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Japanese Business Culture: Five Steps For Building Trust

Trust Matters. You cannot do business in Japan to any serious degree without getting people to trust you. Here are five simple steps – I won’t call them easy – that you can follow to make your task less difficult. … Continue reading

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Japanese Business Culture: What The Japanese Side Wants To Hear

Broadly speaking, we all want to make a sales pitch. It’s a difficult habit to resist. We want to put the best spin on our company’s talents and resources and present everything in as positive a light as possible. We … Continue reading

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