“Catherine” and Mixed Bag Marketing

Just To Get This Out

I don’t know how many of you have actually paid attention to this Catherine game coming from Atlus. To me, it’s something I want because it has that Persona look and feel. Here’s the thing, though: the marketing has been huge teases, all sorts of stuff on the character herself, the cast, and this being vaguely about some supernatural horror stuff.

Atlus does good supernatural horror, so that’s cool.

But, here we have an article at 1up.com that Catherine will get a demo because… er.

Hashino said that while “many people are excited” about Catherine, he noted that there was a pattern of confusion in the feedback he has received.

And… whose fault is that?!?! They’re confused because of your mystery-filled tease marketing campaign!! Cop up to your role in this, geez.

Or to use a Japanese-ism, don’t talk about it like you’re some unrelated third party.

Anyway, I’m still hoping the game comes out great. I’ll check the demo out. Maybe you should too.

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