Japanese Rap Music: Send In The Clowns

Where Seriousness Goes To Die

I make a bad clown.

Even though I laugh at a lot in my personal life, I’ve been very reluctant to be a clown in my professional life. I’m just not good at it, but, well, I don’t have much left to lose lately.

Since I’m not really ready to lead the way myself, I’ll just drag content in that’s reflective of that sentiment. Here’s a couple of videos, referenced by Gakuranman, featuring Man-san, a black man originating from Sweden who raps in Japanese language (nihongo).

While one notable friend commented about this saying, “Nature did not intend for certain things to exist,” people seem to like this. So off you go.

Now just so you understand something, “shou ga nai” is usually read as “it can’t be helped,” but making this negative statement into a positive one – “shou ga aru” – is more in the sense of taking “there’s nothing we can do” and transforming it into “there IS something we can do.”

Nagoya is here (Google Maps).

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  1. If you like Lloyd banks ,Fabolous, Kid Cuddi or lupe fiasco ..you’ll love this guy …siiick