Phantasy Star Online 2: Adventures in Fansubbing

"Ultimate Online RPG Action"

So, I’ve Been A Busy Boy.

This is not for the faint of heart, but I did the lion’s share/ heavy lifting for a fansub (“fan subtitled video”) of a “media briefing” (in the vernacular: press conference) for the still-in-development, upcoming online RPG, Phantasy Star Online 2. You can check it out here. There are high hopes and a lot of strong wishing involved. It was like 38 minutes. That’s some work, people. And I didn’t get paid a dime for this, either.

I have no intention of stealing the thunder of Producer Satoshi Sakai, who seems to genuinely know his gaming stuff and is a breath of fresh air here. This has the feel of a very good online action RPG that can actually fulfill its potential. The original Phantasy Star Online was ten years ago, and therefore very primitive by today’s standards, but is still beloved by many for creativity and concepts… but can go much further. Would-be successors didn’t cut it; not enough, though the most recent portable ones (PSP) are “better” (though probably shouldn’t be called great either). This has a shot at greatness.

At any rate, when a guy’s opening gambit is “Is there adventure in RPG’s today?” then let me make this clear: adventure is good. Sense of adventure is very good and most critical. Feeding that beast is a Good Thing.

Anyway, my work is done, and I credit Velocity7 for the work he’s put in, and those who helped on the other end of things. I hope people appreciate it all. I’m interested in the game after all this, at least. The rule is, promise much… and deliver.

The alpha test is on the 18th, two days hence. – J

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