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No, I haven’t been finding the time to post here lately. That’s because I’ve become involved with some Japanese native speakers in a project involving a webcomic. I’ll publicize it when everything is good and ready, but communicating with lots of native speakers is good for me. I may have a huge ton of experience reading Japanese, but I haven’t written it enough to be quite top tier… though I am apparently doing much better than I would have even five years ago.

Teaching has helped, since even if I could read well, I had to learn how to explain grammatical issues to beginners, things that many textbooks don’t handle right. That meant I researched certain things with much finer detail than before. Anyway, that’s all for now. More soon I hope. – J

J Sensei

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Blogger, writer, linguist, former Japanese> English translator, rusty in French, experienced in Japanese, fluent English native. Writing for Technorati.com and various blogs. Skype: jeremiah.bourque (messages always welcome). E-mail: [email protected]
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