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How To Learn Japanese Kanji Better, For Real

Substance, Not Fluff So, I was trying to catch up on reading the Gakuranman blog (I finally got around to putting it in my blogroll section here, which I have been neglecting for too long) and I see a site … Continue reading

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Kanji: On-Yomi and Kun-Yomi

Recently, I was discussing Japanese with someone studying for the old JLPT level 4 test (now the new level 5). He was using smart.fm for vocabulary, which is no crime, but what happened was something that stayed in my mind. … Continue reading

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Kanji Are Concepts

I’d like to briefly revisit an issue old and dear to me. Kanji are not, by themselves, words in the Western sense. They are, rather, concepts that are used in the formation of words and ideas. From one concept, others … Continue reading

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