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Nanika: Something Or Other

何か(なにか) This follows up my post on itsudemo, where I explained why this should be read as “anytime” (as in, “at any time”) from a few points of view. You’ll see why below. It was inspired by a little slice … Continue reading

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You Hate Japan? Well I don’t.

Warning: Rant Engaged So a friend of mine showed me this post about “I hate Japan some more.” The writer lives in Japan and teaches classes there. He has found a new reason to hate Japan, and I do not … Continue reading

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Japanese School Culture: The Sailor Fuku and the Gakuran

Origin In Japanese, 服 (fuku) simply means clothing. In the case of an individual set of clothes, we may safely read this as outfit. Sailor Fuku = sailor outfit. The “sailor outfit” came to Japan in the early 1920’s. Although … Continue reading

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