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Crazy Japan: Mind-Controlled Nekomimi (Cat Ears)

…Wow. Straight from “Oh my GOD!” territory comes this story from Popular Science magazine, detailing nekomimi (lit. “cat ears”) that rise and flatten out on command from human brainwaves. A video is posted after the break.

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Japan Gaming Culture: Super Turrican

Old Times, Good Times Super Turrican is one of the games for the Super Nintendo that, owing to the system, had “Super” tacked onto the front. Featuring a man in an armored suit, with some similarities to Metroid, this action … Continue reading

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Gundam Mobile Suits: The MS-06 Zaku

The Start of an Era Savvy followers of mecha anime have long been aware that “bad guy” machinery is often built to be more interesting, both conceptually and visually, than the protagonist side’s machines. This trend did not invent itself. … Continue reading

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