Tamayura, Ep. 1: An Attack of the Adorable

And So, The Fall 2010 Season Begins

Tamayura is a tale about a girl in what in the West we might call “10th grade,” the first year of “high school,” who loves photography and has moved to a school in the town where her father grew up. The “tamayura” themselves are light balls that appear as an effect in photographs, as shown in some of her father’s photos. Our main character, Fu, is rather shy with self-introductions and is working on making new friends, approaching the ordinary world with a sense of wonder.

So, it’s basically an anime about adorable young girls, photography, and appreciation of life. It comes courtesy of Junichi Sato.

Based on “episode 1,” which is in essence a promotional video for a direct-to-DVD release later this fall, the visuals are top-notch, the opening and ending themes are appropriate to the material, and it is altogether pleasant and charming, and indeed, adorable.

Those who can read Japanese can check out this site for more info. Those who can’t, well, just stare at the nice imagery, I guess?

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