Ureshii (Adjective: Happy)

Happy Faces

The Japanese adjective ureshii (嬉しいうれしい) stands for “happy”. This is an “i-adjective” that conveys joy, contentment, and fulfillment. In a case like this, it’s easier to convey using pictures.


These images were obtained from google.co.jp hits and are used solely for education purposes.

Using This Word

Normal way:

“ureshii hito” = a happy person

“ureshii onna no ko” = a happy girl/ happy girls

As A Noun:

“Watashi wa ureshii” = “I’m happy”

“Kanojo wa ureshii desu.” = “That girl’s happy.”

As a statement:

“Ureshii!” = “I’m so happy!”

Ex.: Said by a Japanese girl when receiving a gift that she likes.

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