Anime Industry Revival, Outside Japan?

An Interesting Perspective

Nothing much from me here, just the fact you might want to look over this article over at (in English). It’s about one anime creator’s feeling that the Japanese anime industry has grown too insular and that there is a critical lack of creators, that is, people who can drive new material.

The problem is, the creators that do exist are under a lot of pressure to do “moe” characters and situations. It’s like action movie or romance novel formula plots. It’s still a business. There is a balance to be struck, though, and this guy hopes that Fractale (which I haven’t laid eyes on yet, but it’s just starting to air) is part of a new trend of creativity.

I’ll probably watch Fractale just because of this article, just to see how it goes. Like I did last season, I’ll post “early impressions” after I’ve seen at least two episodes of the anime I’m tracking, since first episodes created like “hooks” tend to have far too little of the detail I’m looking for to make judgments.

I’m a great analyst if I have enough information. It’s my virtue and my vice. For the new season, I’m still getting a handle on everything. – J

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