Anime Review: Iron Man

Better Than I Expected

Before diving into the spoiler space, here’s a general impression.

  • Themes: Sacrifice, Bonds (See spoiler space.)
  • Visuals: 8/10 (More than adequate, but not top)
  • Characters: 9/10 (Better than expected, -1 for annoying reporter)
  • Sounds/ Music: 7/10 (Good hard rock, but nothing truly special)
  • OP/ED: 5/10 (Uninspired, meant for easy use in US market i.e. no voice, so no additional $ involved)
  • Plot: 9/10 (Not perfect but greatly exceeding expectations)

I really was surprised by how much I ended up liking this show, and the ending was particularly strong.


Overall: 9/10

Greater than the sum of its parts and a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Strongly recommended for anyone even remotely interested in mecha, sci fi, comics and/ or Iron Man.

J Sensei

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