Anime Review: Psychic Detective Yakumo, Episode 3

Feeling Yakumo’s Pain

Yakumo. Dude. You don’t just see tortured souls. YOU ARE a tortured soul. You.

Episode 3 establishes this very strongly, and it is a necessary step for setting up the rest of the show. I don’t want to spoil details, and I don’t need to, it’s a mystery/ detective show, but the point is, Yakumo has limits. Huge limits. He can’t materialize spirit weapons or use ki blasts or stuff like that. He’s not an exorcist. All he can do is a) see spirits, and b) talk to them.

But nonetheless I will put the relevance of this below a spoiler space.


Rating: 5 of 5. It does what it means to, showing us Yakumo’s pain, and that’s something that ultimately, we need to see to have suspension of disbelief for the plot. It comes off well, strongly put together, and seeing a hero who has it hard makes for compelling viewing.

I have found this to be a show well worth staying with.

J Sensei

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