Asobi ni Iku Yo, Ep. 8

A Series That Embraces The Crazy

“Asobi ni Iku Yo” is one of a certain style of recent anime that embraces all manner of cliche “anime content” – in this case, we have an a) alien b) catgirl c) with vivid proportions, and she’s just the start of it – and taking things several steps further to create something zany, but entertaining.

Production values for this show, well… extremely high is the best way to put it. The opening theme’s CG water effects look like they belong in a movie, not on television. They’re flaunted in the show itself a bit but, someone’s being paid some really good money for that.

Oh, the characters are quite amusing too, in most cases. Honestly I don’t go for the catgirl thing nearly as much as the “real girls” in the show, aside from maybe the title character because she has a nice personality to go with it, but fortunately, we get to see a lot of the other girls, particularly in this episode.

It’s a bit tough to just start with the first episode to catch people up, so instead, I want to put behind a spoiler space something that is particularly crazy in this episode: totally silly, laughable, and to this viewer and writer, really entertaining. Also a bit ecchi, frankly. It’s amazing how close to the line they can walk things and still air it on TV.

Spoilers Here: show

Anyway, if you want to know whether to watch this show or not, I think that pretty much sums the pros and cons up both ways.

Ja ne! (Later!) (Japanese: じゃね!)

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