Dragonball Z Kai, Episode 71

Not New, But Much Improved

So now that I have proper spoiler tags, I wanted to test them out on something that, in and of itself, requires no spoilers at all.

Dragonball Z Kai is a remake of the original. “Kai” – Japanese: – is a marker indicating that the original is modified in some way. I have endeavored to understand how this would be translated in a perfect world. I think that there is no one, true way here, but “plus” might work well. At any rate, that’s not how it would be known to people watching the show from overseas, so it is not how I represent it here.

There are mainly two ways in which this version differs from the original.

The first is the limited use of brand-new animation, beyond cleaning up the old. Certain special effects have more vibrant colors used for them, for instance. Also, the opening and ending themes have glossy, HDTV-friendly animation to them.

The second is a massive improvement in time efficiency. This is rather important; the original was truly notorious and infamous for wasting time.

As a result, episode 71 is quite far into a run of 100 episodes that will complete the entire original “Dragonball Z” series.

Time compression, through the use of tasteful and widespread editing, makes watching this show far more enjoyable. There is hardly an episode that does not have meaningful action, and many have a rather considerable amount of it thanks to wiping out a lot of the “suspense-building” and so on.

So, onward to the current episode:


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