Early Anime Impressions: Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the first two words seem to amount to hundred flowers blooming profusely.

Um, well it’s essentially to the Warring States Period what Ikki Tousen is to the Three Kingdoms era of China: a bunch of girls named for famous male warriors who are attractive, of school age, and in this case, who are in a sort of fantasy supernatural combat thing and… well, it’s basically an excuse for an ecchi comedy.

Of particular note, without spoiling a darned thing, is that the girls are drawn in very interesting ways, and I don’t detect a grown girl in the bunch that is well, your skinny model type. These girls have meat on them, have very interesting curves (and certainly revealing outfits), so there’s that.

In addition to this, of special note is a seemingly special animation technique that gives every cel in the show a kind of comic book/ ukiyo-e look with extra thick border lines for the characters and just enough easing off of vibrant color to make things look like those old samurai art scrolls and of course, Ukiyo-e as I’ve shown on this blog a couple of times.

This is another that wasn’t on my radar going in, but it’s proven an intriguing addition to my roster. Plus, I have a thick skin for ecchi stuff so really, the more curvy girls breaking the skinny model stereotype, the better for me.

Really, not minded to complain at all here.

J Sensei

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