Extra! Extra! Gundam Exia Survives Gundam 00 Season 2

“Sighted” Via Twitter

Some fans of Gundam 00 had wondered if Gundam Exia had even survived the end of the second season in some form, or if it had been completely destroyed, never to be utilized again in any way.

Apparently, it had survived in some form, though details are not particularly clear. Exia did not appear in the Gundam 00 movie whatsoever, and I can only guess, but this is likely because it was not combat worthy whatsoever; possibly the all-important GN Drive had been lost, but some other capabilities would have survived.

Namely, stealth camouflage.

What we do know is that Setsuna’s use of Gundam Exia to covertly travel around Earth was revealed on a Twitter account officially used by Gundam 00 staff. (It’s in Japanese, by the way!) This was relayed to me by all-around Gundam 00 super-fan Velocity7. His efforts are appreciated.

I try not to get too too deep into the super obscure fan stuff, but the survival or non-survival of a main character mecha of a major anime is absolutely worthy of mention here.

Due to Velocity7’s efforts, information on this page regarding the repaired Gundam Exia used at the end of Season 2 was properly updated. That’s how you increase your cred as a mecha fanboy, people. Get to work.

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