Heroman, Ep. 24: The Beginning of the End

Rather than attempt some kind of play-by-play, I will be doing something more practical and useful: focusing on the underlying currents and where we are and where we are going. Obviously someone who hasn’t been watching this show since the start might have a hard time following details that are too “detailed,” and besides, it’s all about the flow.

So, my impressions below.

First, a not-really-a-spoiler: this was teased before the end of last episode, but we’re basically seeing what I will call Full Armor Heroman. This should be a big hit with the toy buying market. Full Armor concepts are always good, but a) this one is particularly nicely done, b) it is very appropriate, since this episode begins what amounts to heavy, prolonged combat, making the armor crucial to Heroman’s chances of success.


Rating: 10/10. Be it family, friends, or nation, this battle means something, it involves a ton of high quality animation action, the pained heart of a hero unable to ensure everyone’s salvation, and fighting on in spite of long, long odds. The only problem is that it ended and we have to wait a week to see more.

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