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Making Viewers Suffer Before Good Endings

大した苦労だった One enduring feature of Japanese storytelling is that, if there is ever to be a good ending, protagonists must appropriately suffer before it, and so must the viewers. Some shows can get very hard to watch. And not all … Continue reading

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Japanese: “Right Where I Want To Be”

望むところです The above, and variations thereof (which differ in how they end), combine nozomu (望む,のぞむ), which is to desire, to want, and tokoro (所、ところ), which simply means place. (This tends to be a figurative place, more often than not.) That … Continue reading

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Profiles in Anime: Shiki

A Vampire Drama “Shiki” began as a novel written by Fuyumi Oni, whose chief claim to fame is writing the “Twelve Kingdoms” novels. (I have yet to read these, but I am told they are very interesting. I am aware … Continue reading

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