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Densetsu No Yuusha no Densetsu: A Rant

There Be Opinions Here So, let’s leave the one-time, original purpose of this blog behind. Let’s not focus on language or education. Instead, let’s look at, not culture in abstract, but some very specific things about culture. Namely, the anime … Continue reading

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Shiki, Ep. 10: Or, The Reason To Watch This Show

It Took Ten Eps For A Masterpiece. Not that I’m going to spoil except in the spoiler space, but this is a show that has been accused of starting slowly. This is not wholly without merit. Although we, the viewers, … Continue reading

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Japan Culture Sites Shouldn’t Hate Japan

This is a relatively young blog. I wanted to go around the Internet finding sites to link to, but there’s a little problem with that. I keep finding sites that cover Japanese culture that, without naming names, because that would … Continue reading

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