Anime Review: Yosuga no Sora, Episode 3

So, The Big Question

Let’s get to the big question everyone hearing about this show is asking: Is this anime full, outright hentai??? No, not exactly, but it is the single biggest tease on earth. It shows glimpses of things that can’t be broadcast in Japan, existing safely (?) within the dirty imaginations of major characters for brief moments of time, but it’s a huge, huge tease.

So, an actual show happened, too, and I’ll get to that briefly after the spoiler space.


Rating: 4 of 5, I’ll say. I mean, it remains fun to watch, but I can’t give everything 5, even with those absolutely hilarious skits at the end (much in SD), and if I see anything better, I need room to give that a 5. But it has been by no means a weak show.

That is, by the way, despite being, and I repeat myself, the biggest tease around. It’s like a giant scam to suck people in… but at any rate, teasing is fine, and the high quality surrounding the art, voice acting, story plotting, and well… let me put it this way, I haven’t seen Whack-A-Mole done as fun as in this show, ever. I enjoyed this.

Just don’t get any wrong ideas. Or put another way, if you’re looking for hentai, don’t expect payoff from this anime, hentai-san. It’s just teasing.

…So far, anyway. Shall we predict bonus episodes for the BD/DVD going way over the top? Anyone?

J Sensei

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